Company Services Overview

Integrated Real Estate Consultancy Services

This is where customers find the complete suite of solutions under one roof for architecture, building and construction. Han Architecture and Design has been providing integrated real estate business solution for our customers since more than a decade ago.

The market pace and consumer expectation drives a need for our renowned expertise, including building and layout design, project development, building and construction, as well as post-development service aspect in property management. The materialization of a successful real estate development is always a precise orchestration of multiple expertise and cross disciplines.

At Han Architecture and Design, we focus on immaculate project execution and surpassing property owner’s expectations.

Integrated Real Estate Disciplines

Our complete solutions and services portfolio, coupled with years of experience in delivering best practices gives you a peace of mind. The various teams work seamlessly with individual focus on:

Project management

A designated project team will establish objectives, set clear goals, and also determine the competent staff in charge of each project segment. The project manager will additionally oversee deadlines are set and maintained.

Property Development

The type of property from residential, commercial, office, retail to mixed use developments calls for synergy of specific job functions. Specialists in each property type will establish business goals as well as construction and building deadlines. Having each stage of your real estate task dealt with by one business as well as their specialists will certainly make the development stage much more reliable and much much less confusing.

Architectural and Building Design

A top-of-the-line integrated real estate business will provide architectural styles that meets your technical specification, business goals and aesthetic style. The architectural style is the soul of your development. Having a knowledgeable and highly competent developer on your team, as well as efficient and skilful back end team, will certainly put your mind at ease, cut down on the hassle involved in discovering a credible designer, as well as clear you of all the anxiety when it comes to building and construction process.

Building and Construction

Our integrated real estate business model only employ own highly-trained, knowledgeable, and trustworthy building workers you can find, and also they are collaborating with the rest of the business to offer you with the best item.

Facilities Management

Our Company also provides the essential services to manage and maintain the building and facilities for your completed development. Our track record in the area of facilities management range from condominium, office, mixed use development as well as retail concierge.

Leverage on the expertise of our building management team to protect asset value and your reputation amongst residents and tenants. Every operational aspect and end user demand will be handled rapidly and efficiently.

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